About Us


The business house relating to the distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical products in Delhi NCR and also exports.

The name KASHCHEM is symbolic of the pharma business, knowledge, skill and services that we offer in our distribution network. We handle the distribution of various National and Multinational companies with efficiency.

We reach/cover almost all the chemists, hospitals, institutions (Govt. and Corporate), doctors and patients with clockwork punctuality.

The pharma distribution is headed by Mr. Sanjay Kakar who has put his heart and soul in the dynamics of the work in a very ethical and professional manner.

For the expansion and diversification of the business, we do not lose any opportunity to bring reputed companies in our fold and are always prepared to shake hands with technically advanced and research oriented companies. We have a strong team of young and highly motivated people who work section wise to give best performance.

We have an excellent infrastructure and mathematical framework for Cold Chain products. Delivery of lifesciences, critical care and long term therapy products is handle with minimal response time for execution. The orders passed on by the various representatives of the companies are executed promptly keeping in view the requirement/ urgency in mind.

In short, service of our valued customers is the priority with which we live.


Significance of the name KASHCHEM as the letters stand:

  • K for Knowledge
  • A for Ability
  • S for Services
  • H for Honesty and Ethics
  • CHEM stands for Chemists